Let’s Kick ASS is the lead sponsor and organizer of the first-everNational HIV/AIDS Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day on June 5th, 2014 spotlighting the needs and realities of those longest affected by the AIDS epidemic.

Our theme for this first awareness day is “We’re Still Here” which speaks to the resilience and tenacity of long-term survivors who lived through the darkest days of AIDS.

With courage and compassion, they survived the darkest days of the AIDS epidemic. Without access to effective treatments, we were forced to rely on each other and ourselves. As individuals and a community, we exhibited strength we didn’t know we had.

On June 5th National HIV/AIDS Long-Term Survivors Day we are calling on our community to come together again to face the conundrums of midlife and aging to envision our future.

This nationwide grassroots forum is the first Bay Area forum by, for, and about survivors both HIV-positive and negative. Though the effects of living with HIV are more challenging we acknowledge that there were caretakers, friends, and lovers who remarkably remain negative through this crisis. They deserve recognition too.

We all have valuable lessons to teach our community and the world about living and survival—it’s time to embrace our role as elders, teachers, and leaders.

Let’s Kick ASS is the lead sponsor of the day but we want community groups, individuals and AIDS service organizations everywhere to commemorate the day in ways that are fitting for the people in their communities.

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